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Jingpu corporation is an exporter and manufacturer for Electronic components in China. We are manufacturing and offering the complete sensor part of  temperature, humidity solutions as well as the related components to the Customers in the world.
Many years experience in marketing and manufacturing has allowed us to offer the solutions that exactly meet the customer’s requirements.

We are supplying NTC thermistors, Humidity sensors and the related components into the key market areas of HVAC, battery and medical equipment applications. We believe that the need for exact temperature and humidity sensing will continue to grow especially in this field.

Jingpu is positioning itself to take advantage of these market dynamics and will offer world leading solutions to customers, backed up by high quality products and best-in-class services. Constant marketing and production development mean that Jingpu is continually improving performance across a wide range of products.


To deliver quality solutions in the marketing of our products.

Provide fulfillment, satisfaction in the relationship with our customers and employees



• Responsibility - To be responsible for your actions and decisions in commitment to the company’s objectives.

• Innovation - Search for new solutions, aiming at efficiency

• Competence - Perform professional assigments with the support of assertive knowledge, skills and attitudes.