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RTD Electronics

RTD is an abbreviation of Resistance Temperature Detector, which means Resistance Temperature Detector, or thermal Resistance.

The resistance temperature detector (RTD) is actually a special wire, and its resistance varies with temperature, and usually RTD materials include copper, platinum, nickel and nickel/iron alloys.

The RTD element can be a wire or a thin film that is applied to a ceramic substrate using electroplating or sputtering.

RTD resistance to 0 ℃ resistance as a nominal value.

0 ℃ Ω platinum RTD resistance in 1 100 ℃ when its value is 100.39 Ω, usually 119.4 Ω 50 ℃.

The error of RTD is smaller than that of thermistor. For platinum, the error is generally 0.01% and nickel is usually 0.5%.

In addition to error and resistance, RTD has the same interface circuit as thermistor.

This kind is of platinum thermistor, which can be called platinum electronics of small size.