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JP401 Medical body cavity temperature sensor

JP401 medical body cavity temperature sensor is manufactured from Hefei Jingpu Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd. It’s made of NTC element, epoxy bead, PVC insulated wire and PVC sleeve.

▪ CE registered, pre-amendment status

▪ 400 series nominal resistance response curve

▪ 2.252K and 10K thermistor composite

▪ Interchangeable ±0.1℃, 25℃ to 45℃ when used with compatible 400 series instruments

▪ Epoxy bead ceramic sensors



▪ Standard 400 series resistance response

▪ Disposable, avoid infections

▪ Molex connector (2-conductor)



▪ Continuous patient monitoring

▪ Body cavity temperature measurement, for example esophageal, rectum and nasopharynx.


Performance Specs



Resistance @25℃

10KΩ or 2.252KΩ

Tolerance 25℃ to 45℃ when used with 400 series instruments


Recommended equilibration time before measurement

> 3 mininutes

Insulation Resistance (500 VAC for 1 sec.)

>100 Mega Ohms

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