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MF5A-4 High Precision NTC Thermistor with Enameled Wire

The heat sensitive resistance of this model is usually led by the enameled wire.

After welding the thermosensitive chip, it is sealed with epoxy resin, and the wire lead is 0.16~0.25 mm.

This product is small in size and features a fast response time and can reach up to 0.1s (still water).


Application: fire alarm, computer, copier, electronic calendar, thermometer, temperature control instrument and temperature compensation.

Features: epoxy encapsulation, small volume, high precision;Quick response time, good stability.

Main parameters: can be custom-made B value: 3000-4500 K R25  for 0.5 K Ω Ω products - 200 K.

 Time constant (S) : 3 S (static) in water,

  Working temperature: - 40  ~ + 130

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