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Glass coated NTC thermistor, Radial Leads

Glass coated NTC Thermistor, Radial Leads

Available in five diameters, Jingpu sensor's glass coated chip thermistors with radial leads are capable of withstanding temperatures upto 300℃ and feature a very fast thermal time response. This series of products have axial primer, homing pin and patch 3 types, MF57 is the same direction pin, and the resistance is divided into two types according to the size of the glass shell, as shown below

Application: household appliances, micro-wave oven, electronic fans, electric heating furnace, process temperature control, office equipment etc.

Features: glass-sealed, good stability & good reliability etc.

Major parameters:

Resistance range (1~1000kΩ)

Operating temperature range: ﹣40℃~ ﹢250℃

Thermal constants(S): no more than 10s (in still air)

The glass thermistor body results in a rugged sensor which can be used in harsh environment heating and cooling devices, appliances and various industrial applications are just some of the many places the glass chip thermistors are used.

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