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MF 59 NTC Thermistor of Chip type

MF 59 NTC Thermistor of Chip type

The sealed thermal resistor is sintered with magnesium plated wire, glass shell and chip.         

This series of productshave axial primer,homing pin and patch 3 types.

MF59 is a patch type, convenient for welding, and packaging has a loose way.  



Application: household appliances (such as air conditioner, microwave oven, electric fan, electric heating stove, etc.),industrial temperature control, office equipment and so on

Features: glass package, patch, small size; Main parameters: resistance width: 1 ~ 1000 k Ω

Working temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ + 250 ℃,

Thermal time constant (S) or less 10 S (static in the air)


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