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DS18B20 RTD Digital temperature sensor of single line

DS18B20 RTD Digital temperature sensor of single line





RTD Digital temperature sensor of single line








PVC round solid set






Operating temperature range






Strong noise screening




Thermal detector, temperature measuring












This kind of digital thermometer provides 9 bits (binary) temperature readings indicating the temperature information of the device is delivered through a single line interface.

Enter DSl820 or from DSl820 to send from the host CPU to DSl820 only one line (and ground line) DSl820.

The power supply can be supplied by the data line itself without external power supply because every DSl820 has been given the only one at the factory.

An ordinal number so any number of DSl820 can be stored in the same single line bus which allows for many different places.

The measurement range of DSl820 for the placement of temperature sensitive device ranges from -55 to + 125 increment of 0.5 can be in l s (typical value).

Let's change the temperature to the number.Each DSl820 includes a unique 64-bit long sequence number.The ordinal value is stored in the ROM (read-only memory) inside the DSl820.The 8 bits are the product type encoding (DSl820 encoding is 10H) followed by 48.The digit is the only serial number of each device and the last 8 bits are the top 56.CRC (cyclic redundancy check) code DSl820 is also used for storage.The two 8-bit storage RAM of the measured temperature value is 0 and 1. No. 1 memory for storing temperature values if the temperature is negative. No. 1 memory, 8 bits are all 1, otherwise all of them are 0. 0 The LSB (the lowest) of the value of the refill LSB (the lowest) is expressed as 0.5. The binary number in the receiver is reconverted to decimal number and divided by 2. The pin of the measured temperature (-550 125) DSl820 is shown in figure 2 26. L shows that each D51820 can be set to two power supply modes namely data. The bus power supply mode and external power supply mode can save a wire but complete the temperature measurement. The longer time to use external power supply is more than one wire but the measurement is faster.

Temperature calculation

1 Ds1820 with the maximum value of 9 storage temperature is the negative temperature of the temperature stored in 18b20.

S = 1 positive temperature S = 0

00AAH is + 85, 0032H is 25 FF92H is 55

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