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MFP-6 Series Temperature Sensor

Ntc thermistor of waterproof

The development of NTC thermistors has gone through a long period. In 1834, scientists first discovered the characteristics of silver sulfide with negative temperature coefficient. In 1930, scientists found that cuprous oxide - copper oxide also has a negative temperature coefficient of performance, and its successful use in the aviation equipment temperature compensation circuit. Subsequently, due to the continuous development of transistor technology, thermistor research has made significant progress. In 1960 developed NTC thermistor.

Folding NTC negative temperature coefficient thermistor temperature range

Its measurement range is generally -10 ~ +300 ºC, can also be done -200 ~ +10 ºC, and even can be used for +300 ~ +200 ºC environment for temperature measurement.

Negative temperature coefficient thermistor thermometer accuracy can reach 0.1 ºC, temperature time can be as little as 10s or less. It is not only suitable for granary thermometer, but also can be used in food storage, medicine and health, scientific farming, marine, deep wells, high altitude, glaciers and other aspects of temperature measurement.

Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor material from high purity transition metal Mn Cu Ni and other elements of the oxide by coprecipitation milling, isostatic pressing after 1200-1400 ºC high temperature sintering, combined with advanced semiconductor cutting Film technology and glass sealing, epoxy made of various types of NTC thermistor, product range, high precision, good stability. Resistance range of 0.5 ~ 2000kΩ, B value range of 2500 ~ 4500.

This kind thermistor is of small size, waterproof characteristics.

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