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M10 Ring Lug Terminal NTC Thermistor

M10 Ring Lug Terminal NTC Thermistor



Ring lug NTC thermistor surface temperature probes are designed for screw-in-place mounting. Most of these temperature probe housings are standard ring terminals or ring lugs with the thermistor potted in the barrel of the lug, popular for te mperature measurement, control, and monitoring of small motors, heat exchangers, computer equipment, power electronics, semiconductor heat-sink temperature control, enclosure panels, industrial equipment, automotive equipment etc. They are also easily mounted in instruments where over temperature protection is required.  

Screw Mount Type NTC thermistor surface temperature sensor features: 

1) Good thermal coupling through metal tap. 

2) Thermistor housed in eyelet nickel plated copper material. 

3) Metal contact surface yields fast temperature response.

4) PVC insulated leads.

5) Ring tag eyelets to fit screw mounting.


Technical data



 Sensing Element

 NTC thermistor various R and B value on request

 Temperature range

 -30 to +150

 Response time

 Water (0.4m/s) T0.63≤30s

 Dissipation Factor


 Long term stability

 Drift≤3% after 1000h heat or cold store (80 / -30)

 Dielectric Strength


 Insulation resistance

 ≥100MΩ 500VDC


Typical Application

Refrigerator, standard lug terminal sensor with NTC element

HVAC, Easy installation

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