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Glass encapsulated Thermistor Series

Glass encapsulated Thermistor Series


Product Brief 

MFXX pearl temperature thermistor is a small type epoxy resin coating of NTC thermistor, which produced by new material, new technology, has the advantages of high precision and fast response. 


Product Description 


Product name 

Glass encapsulated Thermistor 



Cable materials 

PVC, PTFE, Silicon latex Fiberglass 

Measuring Range

-20~105/-40~150/more than150 or less than -50

Temperature Element


Standard Packing

Plastic bag and carton



1. ROHS compliant

2. High stability and reliability

3. Suitable for high temperature; high humidity application

4. Small size, light weight, suitable for automatic plug-in installation and large scale production

5. Wide resistance range

6. Rapid respond, high sensitivity

7. Glass package, solid structure, good heat resistance, can be used in harsh environment

8. Interchangeability and consistency are good, cost-effective, economical and practical


Working conditions

Storage temperature:-10℃- +40

Relative humidity:<=75% RH

Do not keep the Glass encapsulated Thermistor in the environment of corrosive gas or direct sunlight


Product use

1. Temperature Measurement

2. Temperature control

3. Temperature compensatio

Product application

1. Heating and air conditioner and related equipment

2. Small household appliances (i.e. air conditioner, refrigerator, stove, bread oven, toaster, microwave, electric fan, soybean milk machine, electric water heaters, rice cookers, disinfection counters, drinking fountains, lighting etc.), monitoring and control emperature and thermal protection and other circuits)

3. Temperature measurement and control circuits for industry, Agriculture, Medical, environment protection, meteorology, food processing and other equipment temperature)

4. Automated office equipment


How to order

In order to help you get the exact model, pls offer the following necessary info:

1. The rated resistance at 25℃: R25℃=

2. B value: B25/50= or B25/85=

3. Resistance tolerance:

4. Application:

5. Range of operation temperature: ℃ to




Production Process