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Water Heater Ntc Thermistor Temperature Sensor Probe

Water Heater Ntc Thermistor Temperature Sensor Probe

MFP series temperature sensor using the NTC resistance element, according to the different temperature environment or application, through the mature technology, fabricate into a variety of specifications of the sensor, customers can use directly without fabricating. 

Technical data 

Item name 


Sensing element

NTC Thermistor various R and B value on request

Temperature range

-30~ +150

Response time

Water (0.4m/s) T0.63≤30s

Dissipation factor


Long-term stability

Drift≤3% after 1000h heat or cold store (80℃/-30

Dielectric strength


Insulation resistance

≥100MΩ 500VDC

Other options:

1. Standard value:R25℃: 10K  B(25/85)=3435K, different NTC R-T performance curve available

2. Different probe and wire length and color available

3. Different size SUS housings available for sensor mounting protection

4. Different type of connector is available

Typical applications:

1. Solar water heater

2. Toilet seat heating

3. Floor heating and cogeneration systems


Moisture-proof, fast response and small time constant etc.

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