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Disposable Medical Temperature Probe NTC Temperature Sensor

We can offer a full range of Disposable Medical Temperature Probes these are designed for a range of patient monitoring applications, including oesophagal / Stethoscope Probes, General Purposes Temperature Probes. Skin temperature probes and Foley Catheter Probes. These are single-use products which are CE Marked and are interchangeable to ±0.1.


Disposable Medical Temperature Probe 

(1) Compatible with YSI 400 series popular monitor.

(2) High performance-to-price ratio, disposable use to avoid cross infection.

(3) Medical grade material, compliant to ergonomics, harmless to human body.

(4) High precision to 0.1; short response time.


1. Skin / coelom / body temperature measurement

2. Adult / pediatric esophageal / rectal / air / skin temperature monitoring

3. Medical equipment, health monitor

Disposable and reusable medical temperature probe:

Tympanic temperature probe

Foley catheter temperature sensor

Skin temperature sensor

Esophageal stethoscope

General purpose probe

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