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2020.12.5 Pakistan customer and His big order

One customer from Pakistan continuously order skin temperature sensors from us in the past few months. (The skin temperature probe is used for human body temperature measurement, adult and kid).

As for this skin temperature probe, its features as below:

Temp Accuracy: Jingpu baby-sensitive thermistor sensor guarantees temperature reading sensitivity with a stable, highly accurate measurement.

Molded plug assembly provides direct connection to the GIRAFFE incubator / radiant warmer.

Sensor safety: flexible lead wire facilitates sensor placement on the infant eliminating the need for interface / interconnect cable, ensuring precision and safety.

Easy of Use: Packaged individually in a Tyvek pouch with an insulated adhesive Jingpu temperature probe cover (one inch circular disk)

Gentle: Neonatal sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive / reflective Jingpu probe cover provides insulation from heat and external sources while further ensuring precise temperature monitoring capabilities.

     pkistan customers sincerely hope to set up long and good cooperation with us in the following time.